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Erica Bischoff

Bischoff Boost, founded by Erica Bischoff, is a coaching and training company on a powerful mission – to empower businesses by bringing back humanity in the corporate work environment. Her vision is simple yet powerful: she believes people are the real assets and the beating heart of every company.

With years of experience as trainer and coach at large companies, Erica approached me to help shape her branding and brand identity for Bischoff Boost. We started with an in-depth exploration of her brand, starting at its core, to create an identity that goes beyond the surface and truly embodies her vision and mission. Together, we developed her vision and mission statement, pinpointed her brand values, explored her target audience, brand personality and crafted a unique brand tone-of-voice. These invaluable insights served as the foundation for the visual identity design. Taking inspiration from the warm, vibrant, and powerful essence of Bischoff Boost's vision, we carefully translated it into a captivating visual identity. Infused with a soft human touch, the final design embodies the brand's commitment to empowering individuals and teams to flourish.

Tone: warm, powerful, vibrant, human, no nonsense

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