Successful brands are built from the inside out.

Branding is the art of influencing the way people see and perceive your company. It’s about the way your brand makes people feel, and that goes way beyond just pretty looks. Branding is about creating a connection based on emotions, stories, and shared believes.


Exceptional designing for exceptional spaces.

Steps of the process

In The Branding Blueprint, we combine a brand deep-dive with brand identity design to built a strong brand that stands out. We’ll uncover the soul of your brand by starting at the core, so we can create a meaningful brand design. The process consists of 4 phases and includes multiple rounds of revisions.


Brand deep-dive

We start with a brand deep-dive to gain a thorough understanding of your brand’s vision, personality,  values, target audience and tone of voice.


Visual direction

In this phase we define the visual direction of your brand (look and feel), with 1-3 concepts to choose from. This sets the foundation for our designs.


Brand identity design

Next up, we'll design your logo,  colours, typography, graphics and all other visual brand elements. Optional: design of your marketing materials.


Brand guidelines

We'll wrap up your branding in a comprehensive guide on how to implement your brand elements, to ensure a consistent and cohesive brand experience.

Let's create a consistent and meaningful brand experience that resonates with your audience, reflects what you stand for and sets you apart from the rest.
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