5 insights for working with a designer

Maybe you’ve never worked with a designer, or you’re on the verge of hiring one. If this is your first time, you probably don’t really know what to expect. Below I share 5 insights for working with a designer, that are good to know before going into the process.

1. The process of designing your brand identity will take time

You can’t really rush this process and you shouldn’t want to. Branding is the foundation for your company and we wanna get it right. Most designers (including me) need 4-8 weeks to complete the whole process. But the timeline is also partly depending on you. Providing feedback on time can speed up the process.

2. We won’t always get it right the first time

Don’t be disappointed if our first design concepts are not spot on. Brand design is a process and a collaboration. We have to test, try and experiment to get your brand right. When designing, I always explore multiple options and design routes. But sometimes only one option really feels good, so in that case I present just one. That’s also why I always include multiple rounds of revisions into the process. Branding is a step-by-step process where we see your brand grow slowly but steady.

3. Feedback is very welcome

Actually it’s crucial to developing a good brand identity. So please always feel comfortable to share your feedback and thoughts with us. We’re trying to translate your story into design, so hearing what you have to stay is important to us. Your feedback will improve things in the end. Keep in mind that receiving feedback is also something we’re used to, just bring it with a little delicacy. If you find it hard to give feedback, we can guide you through it by asking specific questions. Be honest, but nice and tell us why you think what you think. It’s important to know the why, so we can figure out what’s the best way to proceed. Feedback is super important and also a checkpoint within the process to see if we’re still on the same page.

4. We don’t design just for a pretty look

Ofcourse we also design to give your business a unique one-of-a-kind look. But designing a brand identity goes way beyond just that. We design for functionality, practicality and clarity. We want things to make sense. We also can’t base your brand identity on your personal taste only. Our goal is to connect your brand to your target audience and differentiate your brand from competitors. So when designing, we have to keep a lot in mind, like:

- Who are we designing for: your target audiences’ wishes, preferences and needs

- What your competitors are doing

- User experience and functionality. What actually works?

- Practicality and flexibility. Will this be practical and flexible in different scenarios?

- Colour psychology

- And so much more

5. We ask lots and lots of questions

Because we’re basically designing your story and vision we just want to know every-thing. About you, your background, your brand and it’s story, why you started, how you see the future, your audience, your products and/or services and so much more. We want to dive deep into your brand and get to the root of it, so we can convey everything that you are into your brand. Maybe you don’t have perfect answers to some questions straight-away, and that’s totally okay! Then we’ll either give you some homework to get to the root of things, or we can dive into it together.

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